First Responders / Public Safety

Godman GRID™

Power to Save Lives

When there’s no power during an emergency, every moment could mean lives lost, for both victims and first responders.


The patented Godman GRID™ can be moved to any location and give first responders the ability to have power in the field, when they need it, where they need it, instantly, supporting communications, lights, refrigeration for medicine, and medical equipment.

Godman GRID™ generators can be linked together for additional capacity, up to four at time, and accommodate four solar panels plugged into each unit for extra power, as needed.

We offer first responder and public safety discounts, multiple unit discounts, and operational support.

Also, the Godman GRID™ is available on GSA contract and FedMall.

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Godman GRID™ is made in the USA with American made parts.