Godman GRID™ Product Information

Power Generation

  • Two solar panels, 175 watts each, total of 350 watts. The panels come hinged together and pre-wired; 25 year warranty. Panels come with 30-feetof cable, or can have 50, 100, and up to 150 feet optional.
  • The 175-watts panels weigh 17 pounds each, and measure 59"h x 26"w x 2"d. Panels have an aluminum frame and can be opened to standalone. Panel racks are available.
  • Solar/Aux charging portals with accessible 30-amp fuse protection.
  • 30-amp solar PWM charge controller: LCD digital voltmeter and solar current ammeter display; Battery and charge status LEDs.
  • Aux portal accepts other 12V DC supplies up to 30 amps (wind or water turbine, house current AC-DC charger, or two additional solar panels).
  • Use unit with or without the solar panels connected.

Power Output

  • AC inverter: 3,500W maximum continuous power, 10,000 watts surge
  • Pure Sine 3.5kW/6kW surge .
  • Godman GRID™ SUN110 - 110-120VAC 60Hz (US).
  • Godman GRID™ SUN240 - 220-240VAC 60Hz (US well pump) with universal outlets.
  • Godman GRID™ SUN220 - 220VAC 50Hz (international); with two
    universal outlets.
  • AC load, DC status LED bar graph meters; Power and fault LED indicators
  • Low voltage alarm.
  • Automatic shutdown.
  • 30-amp DC output portal
  • 12V DC standard outlet for USB options, auto spotlights, and more.

System Features

  • Steel chassis enclosure for ruggedness and safety; fully powder-coated for long‑life protection.
  • Rugged master on/off disconnect switch.
  • Rolls easily on 4" caster wheels; Sturdy handles for lifting.
  • Weight is 260 pounds, and dimensions are 28"L x 15"W x 30"H.
  • The solar units run silently and safely, without any fumes.
  • Units can link together to expand power capacity.
  • Investment quality products.
  • 5-year limited manufacturer's warranty.
  • Comes fully charged, turns on instantly.
  • No training needed, and easy to operate.
  • Comes with detailed user's manual and support.
  • Godman Support Desk is open 7 days per week!
  • Made in the USA.

What is standard?

The Godman GRID™ generators come standard with a choice of outlets fitted for 60 Hz or 50 Hz electrical needs, tough 4-inch pivoting caster wheels, unpainted steel handles, and generator’s steel enclosure painted with powder coated commercial yellow paint for extra durability.

The standard conduit steel handles come unpainted, and enable forklifts to easily pick up the Godman GRID™ generators and move them into position quickly.

The generator packages come with two 175-watt solar panels that are hinged together for easy standing and folding, and 30 feet of detachable panel cable.  Additional panels and cable options are available.

Electrical Outlets for the Godman GRID SUN 110, 220, and 240 Units

Electrical outlets on the Godman GRID™ units are also standard, and available for U.S. domestic outlets, 60 Hz, and international universal outlets, 50 Hz. Well pump outlets are also available on the SUN 240 units, per customer’s choice.