Details, Descriptions, and Other Product Information

Power Generation

  • Two solar panels, 175 watts each, total of 350 watts. The panels come hinged together and pre-wired; 25 year warranty. Panels come with 30-feetof cable, or can have 50, 100, and up to 150 feet optional.
  • The 175-watts panels weigh 17 pounds each, and measure 59"h x 26"w x 2"d. Panels have an aluminum frame and can be opened to standalone. Panel racks are available.
  • Solar/Aux charging portals with accessible 30-amp fuse protection.
  • 30-amp solar PWM charge controller: LCD digital voltmeter and solar current ammeter display; Battery and charge status LEDs.
  • Aux portal accepts other 12V DC supplies up to 30 amps (wind or water turbine, house current AC-DC charger, or two additional solar panels).
  • Use unit with or without the solar panels connected.

Power Output

  • AC inverter: 3,500W maximum continuous power, 10,000 watts surge
  • Pure Sine 3.5kW/6kW surge .
  • Godman GRID™ SUN110 - 110-120VAC 60Hz (US).
  • Godman GRID™ SUN240 - 220-240VAC 60Hz (US well pump) with universal outlets.
  • Godman GRID™ SUN220 - 220VAC 50Hz (international); with two
    universal outlets.
  • AC load, DC status LED bar graph meters; Power and fault LED indicators
  • Low voltage alarm.
  • Automatic shutdown.
  • 30-amp DC output portal
  • 12V DC standard outlet for USB options, auto spotlights, and more.

System Features

  • Steel chassis enclosure for ruggedness and safety; fully powder-coated for long-life protection.
  • Rugged master on/off disconnect switch.
  • Rolls easily on 4" caster wheels; Sturdy handles for lifting.
  • Weight is 260 pounds, and dimensions are 28"L x 15"W x 30"H.
  • The solar units fun silently and safely, without any fumes.
  • Units can link together to expand power capacity.
  • Investment quality products.
  • 5-year limited manufacturer's warranty.
  • Comes fully charged, turns on instantly.
  • No training needed, and easy to operate.
  • Comes with Detailed user's manual and support.
  • Godman Support Desk is open 7 days per week!
  • Made in the USA.