Options for Godman GRID™ Generators

Godman GRID™ generators have options available for multiple types of wheels, enclosure colors, solar panel cable lengths, additional solar panels, custom solar panel adjustable racks, and external household current chargers. Other accessories are also available.
Let us know what other options you may need, and Godman will be happy to help!

Enclosure Colors

The unit enclosures come in a standard yellow powder coated paint finish, or can be customized from a selection of over 100 colors, or color matched.
The units come with a tough powder coated finish. Reflective and non-reflective colors are available for the Godman GRID™ units and handles.


The Godman GRID™ can be customized with different types of wheels, depending on terrain and use, from 4 inches to 12 inches, and higher, per customer requirements. The unit comes standard with tough 4-inch swivel caster wheels.
The wheels can be ruggedized for tougher terrains, and are available in hard rubber pneumatic, or pneumatic tires, with pivot and wheel locks, or per additional customer requirements and sizes. Quantities may apply.

Panel Cable

The solar panel cable can be plugged in or detached from both the panels and Godman GRID™ generator. Cable length options include additional lengths of 50-feet, 100-feet, and up to 150-feet. Other size options are available, per customer requirements.
All cable comes standard with custom and sturdy pre-wired easy click plugs.


Handles are available in custom and non-reflective colors, per customer requirements.


Other accessories are available for all of the Godman GRID™ generators, to include the Godman GRID™ Sun 110 (US), SUN 220 (international), and SUN 240 well pump models.
The generators can have up to 4 solar panels attached at once. Additional Godman GRIDTM units can be linked together, up to 4 at a time for additional capacity.

  • Additional solar panels
  • Custom and adjustable solar panel racks
  • Linking cables to connect additional Godman GRID™ generators together
  • External household chargers, available in 60 Hz or 50 Hz