Godman Power Products

Portable Generators

Systems store 2kWh of renewable power. The included pair of hinged, pre-wired 175W solar panels generates an additional 1.5kWh daily. Inverter rated at 5kW continuous/10kW surge. Powder-coated steel chassis, easy-roll casters, rugged handles, 28” x 15” x 30”, 260 lbs. Complete system technical details are posted on Specifications.

Manufactured in Virginia, generators charge with solar, wind, or electrical grid - available in 60 or 50 hertz. These powerful portable generators are excellent for power outages, disaster recovery, contractors, and location or where portable or supplemental electricity is needed. Comes complete with 2 hinged solar panels (total 350 watts), cable, and fully charged battery.

The included solar panels are hinged to retain portability and functionality. Standard pre-wired cable length is 30’, but custom cable length may be requested at order.

The Godman GRID™

Available Models:

Sun 110


Output: 110-120v Hz: 60Hz (US)

Sun 220

SUN 220 Godman GRID™

Output: 220v Hz: 50Hz (international)

Sun 240 for Well Pumps


Output: 220-240v Hz: 60Hz (US)



Additional Pair of Panels

Pre-cabled with 30 feet of cable/plug


External Battery Charger

Rugged, 12V, DOE Compliant


Cable Upgrade

50', 100', and 150' lengths available

Godman Sunny Rack™

Sunny Rack

Additional Rack for Solar Panels