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Featuring the Newest Godman GRID™

Rugged Portable Solar Generators Commercial and Residential

Portable Solar Generators

Systems store 2kWh of renewable power. The included pair of hinged, pre-wired 150W solar panels generates an additional 1.5kWh daily. Inverter rated at 5kW continuous/10kW surge. Powder-coated steel chassis, easy-roll casters, rugged handles, 28”x15”, 30”, 260 lbs. Complete system technical details are posted on Specifications.

The included solar panels are hinged to retain portability and functionality. Standard pre-wired cable length is 30’, but custom cable length may be requested at order.

Linking Cables

Available to connect multiple Godman GRID™ units.

Additional Solar Panels

Available to connect multiple Godman GRID™ units together for additional capacity.

Sunny Rack Panel Frame

Each holds two hinged solar panels.

Auxiliary Plug with starter cable (12VDC in/out)

This AUX plug with 2’ wired cable allows for the easy integration of other 30-amp max renewable energy recharging methods such as a wind turbine, a micro-hydro turbine, or a kinetic energy (bicycle) source. It may also be used for drawing 12VDC up to 30 amps directly from the battery.

AC-DC Charger w/AUX Plug

Although not necessarily the point, a Godman GRID™ battery may be charged from the grid using our AC-DC charger pre-wired with the applicable plug for connection to a units’ auxiliary portal.

Small Wind or Microhydro Water Turbine charging options

Using the Auxiliary Plug listed below, you may recharge a Godman GRID™ with your 12V, 300+W wind or water turbine. Call with specification questions. Sold through independent dealers.